FanMail Email Support

FanMail provides online support for our customers. First, you will want to look over the IMAP settings to verify you have your email account correctly configured on your phone or computer. Next, see if there is any current service issues which may explain any problems you may have. If you can't find an answer for your issue there, then fill out a support report.

Configure email for your phone or email program using IMAP

FanMail supports IMAP and not POP. We've found many users prefer IMAP because it supports folders and syncing email across multiple devices. See the specifics for the configure settings HERE

Check status of FanMailPlus Service

You can look at the FanMailPlus Status page for any notices of service outages or other issues.

Contact FanMailPlus Support

Please fill out a support report to let us know of any issues you are having with the FanMailPlus service. One of our support staff should reply back in less than 48 hours.